When to Shampoo Hair after Dying

Whether you have brightened, lightened, or darkened your hair, you will be in a good mood. However, how about washing your hair after dying?

Many people wonder if they should wash their hair before coloring it or how long they need for waiting to wash their hair after dying. In this article, we will share with you some useful tips you should know when washing hair after dying.

How to Wash Hair After Dying

How Long to Wait for Washing your Hair after Dying

If possible, you should not re-wash your dyed hair right after getting home. However, it will not make any issue on the vibrancy of your hair color if you decide to take the shower early. Therefore, it is not a problem when you wash your hair after dying it. Indeed, you will no have a specific time for waiting to wash your dyed hair.

How often to Wash Your Dyed Hair

If you have colored hair for the first time, you may have to change the weekly washing routine. The purpose is to avoid over-washing your colored hair. If possible, you should only wash your dyed hair every other day. We recommend you wash it every two or three days.

You should not wash it before dying if you bleach your roots. Whatever you have chosen, it is essential to consider your hair texture while making a washing schedule. In fact, natural hair is normally drier compared to other types. Therefore, you should only wash your dye hair once a week.

On the contrary, you can wash fine hair every other day because of the natural build-up of sebum in your hair.

Do Hot Showers Make your Hair Colour less Vibrant?

The answer is yes. You need to keep in mind that if you rinse your colored hair under hot water more frequently, it can lose more vibrancy. Therefore, it is essential to give your hair a quick blast of cold water to protect your hair.

How to Care for the Coloured Hair

Look for the right hair products

You need to wash your dyed hair with formulas designed for the task. Your hair is damaged during the coloring process. Therefore, it may look rough and dull. Then, it’s time to think about certain products made to repair your hair’s surface.

Use a moisturizing mask for the mix

As dying is a chemical process, your hair may look a little dry. Therefore, it can affect the overall vibrancy. It is essential to keep your hair in the best condition. To do it, you need to use a deep conditioning hair mast. The time to use it is at least once per week.

Use dry shampoo

Although these shampoos should not replace anything in the usual washing schedule, you can use them to make your hair feeling fresher. They don’t require water.


After coloring your hair, you should not wash your hair at first. We recommend you wait at least three days before your shampoo your hair after dying. However, you can bet by rescheduling if you have a workout scheduled a day after your color appointment. This way is to prevent the color from lifting right off your hair.

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