Visit St. Lucia

Recently for my birthday I took a trip to St. Lucia.  I actually had nothing to do with the planning of the trip, I left it up to the significant other to handle.  I had no knowledge of the place, except that it was in the furthest Southern part of the Caribbean and that JetBlue traveled there directly.  It was, by far, one of the most spectacular places on the planet that I have been to.  

After a relatively painless direct flight and an adventurous car ride up the mountains filled with hairpin turns and speeding Island drivers, we arrived at our fantastic accommodations The Ladera ResortLocated on the Soufriere Volcano overlooking the Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea.  It is the only resort on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each room has its own plunge pool, (some are heated) and butler service.  We did splurge a little on our room and upgraded to a master suite so we can have a bit more room.  All rooms have an open wall over looking the beauty of the area.  No need for air conditioning here!  The breeze off the ridge kept everything pleasantly temperate and offered the best sleep of a lifetime.  Being that it was April, there wasn't any mosquitos, but there were a few bugs here and there. Not a big issue for me actually.   


St. Lucia is a Catholic country, and are fairly strict about observing their religious Holidays.  Having traveled during Easter weekend may have not been the best timing since everything closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  However, we planned around it and made due with hikes in the mountains and swims in either the resort pool or azure sea.