Try this Look

Zosia Mamet of Girls fame is a dream client I've had the pleasure of working with.  I love to do hair and/or makeup on her for events or red carpet!  Getting her glamorous is always a treat for many reasons including her sweet personality and her willingness to push the boundaries with fashion and beauty.  She is also wildly experimental with her hair  I've seen her with hair down to her waist and brown, to this adorable and 90's -esque one length bob.  I love the dark root actually.  This homage to the grunge era was modernized for her appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.  Emulate the look below.  



  • Start prepping towel dried hair with a blow dry spray like Oribe Foundation Mist or Garnier Sleek & Shine Primer Style Prep which will help detangle and protect the hair from heat.  
  • Next, with a flat boar bristle brush (Mason Pearson Bristle and Nylon Brush is always in my kit) blow dry your hair in a "wrap dry" format.  Which is basically blow drying the hair with the hair growth following the shape of your head.  If you choose to blow against the hair growth direction, this will give you a bit more volume.e
  • Next, use a serum to protect the ends of your hair from the heat of a flat iron.  I actually used two pumps of the Lissea Leave-in Smoothing Fluid from Rene Further and rubbed between my palms.  Use on all the ends first and then whatever remains on your hands distribute evenly. The heat of the flat iron will burn off any excess so don't spazz out that there is more product than you are used to.
  • Lastly flat iron to your preference.  I actually completed the whole head for a bit of a sophisticated balance to her look.  I had her toss her head upside down when I did a final tussle with a dry shampoo, just for good measure.  Mainly because I wanted it a touch piece-y. 


  • Prep the skin by cleansing with Avéne Thermal Spring Water and a cotton ball.  This product is used on all my clients because it is suited for sensitive skin.  Every. Single. Client.  Next, moisturize with your favorite.  Again, I used Avéne because I like how it feels on her skin.  She is very light skinned and delicate.  Ahhhhh, youth.  
  • Brows:  This part was tricky.  If I matched her root, then her makeup came across as very "goth".  Which isn't bad in a sense, just not appropriate for the clothing or the event.  Too light with a blonde brow pencil and gel, washed her out and changed the shape of her face.  I ended up using the taupe color (the middle one) in the Style Eye-Con No. 3 from Marc Jacobs Beauty.  It was in the same tone as her natural brow color and roots, but it was a happy medium between the roots and the bright blonde without having to dye her brows.
  • Eyes:  all over the lid I did a simple bone color from another eye shadow kit from Marc Jacobs Beauty-- Style Eye-Con No. 7
  •  Eye Liner:  DiorLiner in Black winged out at the ends.  Yes, its been said that winged out eyeliner is very 1960'w but Kate Moss and Courtney Love rocked it out all the time.  
  • Foundation:  Also, Dior.  They have this amazing foundation called DiorSkin Airflash which photographs beautifully, is super easy to apply and has coverage you can build. It also works as a lightweight concealer, which is what I did here.  It really is a fantastic brand and I use it often, albeit a touch pricey.  
  • Lips: Zosia's lips are fantastic, and with her skin tone you can pretty much put any color on them.  This time I went with (color) Trompe L'Oeil 123 in the Rouge Dior Line its essentially a perfect nude lip.  I lined it with Nyx Retractable Lip Liner in Nude
  • Bronzer:  Guerlain is a cult classic when it comes to its powders and bronzers.  They just nailed it.  So, in my kit I am loaded up with their bronzers, some with and some without shimmer.  In this case I used Terracotta Bronzing Powder in Clair Brunette just under the cheekbone ridge, and whatever remained on my brush in the areas where the sun would naturally kiss your skin.  That would be along the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and clavicle.