Try This!

A few months ago, I was sent this new product from the lovely folks at R+Co, a collective of top editorial stylists, salon owners, and educators.  It is headed by three of the industry's top talent; Howard McLaren, Garren, and Thom Priano.  I often work with celebrities, so new products are always popping up on my doorstep.  More often than not, the products sent are just garbage...some company trying to land a few bucks in a multibillion dollar industry, with some gimmicky new ingredient or claim.  R+Co however, is not one of those brands.  Input from stylists in many aspects of the business are always considered when they begin developing products.  The price point is reasonable but can be considered a "luxury" brand.  Their packaging is genius (with some tongue in cheek naming) and fun to display in your bathroom.  R+Co has a broad range of products for ALL hair textures, types, and styles.  Yes, all.  Check out my review for BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste below. 

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

I test all products on myself and I am not endorsed by R+Co.  

So, this morning I woke up with rather fun bed head and I wanted to keep that going through out the day.  My hair texture is a odd combination of wavy, salt and pepper, fine texture and temperamental. I like a little disheveled look with volume. So to say the least I fuss with my hair a lot so when it looks good I like to keep the style.  Details of the product on the packaging claim it is one part dry shampoo and one part styling paste.  I can be used on dry or towel dried hair and blown out.  I've tried it both ways and I like them either way.  Granted, for the everyday client, it may be used best on dry or blown out hair.  

Fragrance:  Citrus, Rosemary, Fig, is what I got when I first opened the lid.  Quite pleasant and unisex.  Dissipates over time. 

Texture:  Matte, and with a über fine grit in a lightweight non-greasy paste.  

Performance:  Applied Dry-- The overall feel when applied to the hair is powdery with a medium hold.  Its not like anything I have tried before, because it allows movement in my hair and isn't sticky.  I can run my fingers through my hair all day and it maintains its shape and style.  However, nothing more than quarter sized amount rubbed between your palms/fingers.  Too much and it risks a bit of product buildup and as a result a few (not many) flakes can show.  Granted that happens to all products.  With spray dry shampoos you often get a white powdery look to your hair.  This product does NOT have that issue at all.   Applied wet--  The product can get a slippery feel with water or even a little dampness.  Almost like a dense volcanic mud.  Its quite nice as a product for a blow out, but it is best for roots. You may want a lightweight styling product for the mid shaft and ends as it will be easier to work with for inexperienced hands.  

Look:  Using this product will leave your hair soft, and semi matte.  I do not recommend spraying a shine spray or adding a serum after applying this throughout your hair.  It will defeat the purpose of the dry shampoo qualities it has.  It does allow for your natural hair shine to come through, so it doesn't look dry and crispy.  

Overall this is a "Must Have" for your medicine cabinet amongst your styling products.  It is truly a fantastic addition to your styling aides.  It also is perfect for travel!   

I used R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste on Frances Beineck for Vanity Fair shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz.

Try This Look!

Olivia Wilde is gorgeous no doubt.  She is also one of the sweetest clients I have ever worked with.  This shoot was actually done in the dead of Winter, during a sleet filled cloudy day.  It could have been the recipe for disaster, however Olivia's poise and professionalism shined through and we landed a fantastic spread.  Can you believe this smoking' body is post baby??  

So when shooting for a magazine there are many factors to take into consideration.  Shooting with a celebrity adds a whole different level of complexity.  Generally, when shooting a spread and a cover, I prefer to focus my energy on one or the other with regards to beauty.  Otherwise I have too many things to focus on and that can slow down a shoot, or break the connection the photographer is trying to establish with the subject (which in this case is Tesh).  So in this case being that it was for Shape Magazine, I wanted sexy and bouncy hair that wasn't too fussy.  For Olivia, who has a ton of hair this is tricky.  That much hair can actually weigh a lot and those curls you worked so hard to put in, can fall flat within minutes.  Therefore the preparation is all the more vital.  Check out the guide below and Try This Look!


  • The key to bouncy and sexy hair is all prep work.  That includes giving yourself the perfect shampoo (or, two!)  Using a clarifying shampoo like Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo from John Frieda or Bain Volumifque from Kerastase and afterwards try to only condition the ends.  
  • Next, on towel dried hair from roots to ends I applied a liberal amount of Chiffon Styling Mousse from R + Co, throughout the hair concentrating on the roots.  Its much easier to apply product when you section your hair out in 4 quadrants.  Like a pie!  That way you don't get too much product in one section.  This is a lightweight mousse that gives excellent volume and shine.  

  • With a medium or small round brush, blow dry the hair over-directing the root for maximum lift.

  • Next with a 1 and a half inch curling iron, curl sections of hair and wrap around a medium Velcro roller and pin into a set pattern.  (see image I pulled off the internet below for what I mean by a roller set)

  • Next, you want to spray some hair spray to set this look and let cool. *This would be a great time to freshen up your makeup or get dressed. In this case I used R + CO again--Outer Space Flexible Hold
  • After its cooled (about 30 minutes if you are using hot rollers) remove the Velcro rollers and brush out the hair with a large flat brush or a Mason Pearson.  Don't fuss too much with the hair it should do its think on its own.  I like to apply a dry texture spray to give the hair a little more staying power.  This is especially great if you are out for the evening and your set is starting to fall down a bit.  Just give your hair a good tousle and a hair flip and carry on.  Try the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray!  Its vavavoom in a bottle.